(July 13, 2022) – United Way of Southern Kentucky announced today that it is investing a total of $585,307 in Education, Health, Income and Safety Net programs and services in Warren County. These investments started July 1, 2022 and will continue through June 30 2023. In total, $968,514 will be invested across the 10-county Barren River Area Development District (BRADD).

In October of 2021, organizations with programs impacting UWSK’s strategic imperatives in each of the defined Community Impact issue areas (Education, Income, Health, and Safety Net) were asked to submit a Letter of Intent indicating their desire to complete a full application request for funding. Across the 10-county BRADD, 68 total Letters of Intent were submitted.

To receive funding from United Way of Southern Kentucky (UWSK), programs had to align with the four areas deemed most important by a community research project conducted by United Way that began in 2012 and included nearly 5,000 surveys, 55 Community Conversations, and large amounts of secondary data. The four broad areas of most concern were defined by the community as: Education, Income, Health, and Safety Net. Programs were also evaluated on the following IMPACT criteria: Innovative, Measured, Partnered/Collaborative, Accountable, Community-centered, and Transformative. This includes an emphasis on programs that provide services within a best practices framework, that are collaborative and integrated into the fabric of other community education, income, health and safety net efforts, that consider the goals, needs and aspirations of the communities they serve, and that are innovative.

In March 2022, Warren County specific programs who had the opportunity to complete the full application moved forward to a full application review and virtual visit with the Allocations Committee. With the full review by the Allocations Committee and recommendation to and approval by the UWSK Board of Directors complete, funding will now be awarded to the programs selected. In Warren County, 23 local programs provided through 16 service providers will receive the allocated campaign dollars and donor designations.

Allocation dollars were determined based on the work of 87 volunteers working specifically in their home counties of Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Metcalfe, Monroe, Simpson, and Warren. In total, these volunteers invested over 850 hours in the process which began with training sessions for all volunteers. This time generated an impact of $22,304 in service to our community (based on National Rate of Volunteer Time: $27.20 per hour). Volunteers reviewed programs, finances, governance, and outcomes to develop the recommendations for program investments.

In WARREN COUNTY, $585,307 will be allocated by volunteers, led by Warren County Allocations Committee Chair Tad Pardue.

EDUCATION: $312,679

Kindergarten Readiness: Led by Committee Chairs, Kenly Ames and Joe Tinius

Family Enrichment Center, Little Bobcat Learners Program: $27,194


Family Enrichment, Wee Care Child Care Center: $55,194


The Foundry Christian Community Center, Preschool Academy: $60,000

Warren County Public Schools, Little Learners Mobile Classroom: $39,000

WKU, Suzanne Vitale CED, Building Bridges to Kindergarten: $9,000

College/Career Readiness: Led by Committee Chairs, Dr. James McCaslin & Erin Ballou

Boys & Girls Club of Bowling Green, The CLUB Teen Center – CAREER LAUNCH: $25,018

Warren County Public Schools, College/Career Transition Readiness – Connect Students to Success: $35,000

WROTE Foundation, Bridging the Gap After-School/Summer Enrichment Program: $62,273

INCOME: $25,000

Workforce Development: Led by Committee Chairs, Lindsay Sanson and Brooke Schakat

Refuge Bowling Green, English Academy: $10,000

SKYCTC Foundation, CDL Program: $11,550

Lifeworks E-Learning Lab, Electronic Access to Employment Training Services for Young Adults with Autism at WKU: $3,450

HEALTH: $140,137

Access to Affordable Health Care: Led by Committee Chairs, Brenda Polley and Thomas Manco

Barren River Child Advocacy Center, Trauma Focused Mental Health Therapy: $30,000

Kentucky Legal Aid, Barren River Long Term Care Ombudsman: $25,000

Kentucky Legal Aid, Benefits Counseling: $20,000

New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies Program: $5,000

Safe Home & Community: Led by Committee Chairs, Tom Flynn and Angela Dossey

BRASS, Emergency Shelter & Crisis to Protect & Empower (ESCAPE): $30,137

Kentucky Legal Aid, Emergency Shelter & Crisis Aid to Protect & Empower (ESCAPE): $30,000

SAFETY NET: $107,491

Access to Basic Needs: Led by Committee Chairs, Bill Waltrip and Jonathan Wysong

GLEAN of South Central Kentucky: $7,500

Habitat for Humanity, Affordable Workforce Housing: $30,000

Kentucky Legal Aid, Emergency Legal Assistance: $42,500

Megan’s Mobile Grocery: $10,655

Transportation: Led by Committee Chairs, Scott Taylor and Jon Thomason

BRASS, Shelter Transportation Assistance Program: $5,636

Refuge Bowling Green, Driver’s Education Program: $11,200

“This is our seventh year of this targeted work related to Education, Income, Health and Safety Net, said Debbie Hills, President & CEO of United Way of Southern Kentucky. “Yet, this year was different as our community has faced horrific loss. While we are working to address the tornado recovery through a separate fund, we know that we must also continue to support local nonprofit programs that are assisting with so many key issues throughout the BRADD. We are honored to partner with the nonprofits who are working to address both existing and ever-changing challenges. It is the support of local businesses, organizations, and individuals which enables this funding, which will impact thousands of lives, and we are so grateful for it.”

If you would like to volunteer to participate in the United Way of Southern Kentucky Allocation Process, please visit www.uwsk.org or call 270-843-3205 to learn more.