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Health in southern kentucky

INCREASE ACCESS TO quality, affordable health and crisis intervention services.

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ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE: Individuals have access to affordable, preventative, physical, mental, dental and other needed care critical to good health.

1. Increase the number of eligible individuals that are enrolled in viable health care coverage options.

2. Increase the number of qualified professionals and patient access for medical care needs including underserved needs like mental health, prenatal care, dental care and substance abuse treatment.

3. Provide education programs designed to improve long-term health including navigating the health care system, substance abuse prevention, mental health, wellness, smoking cessation and obesity reduction/ prevention.


SAFE HOME & COMMUNITY: People are safe from violence, crime, emotional and physical abuse.


1. Reduce the impact of violence on individuals and families through safe and accessible emergency shelter and crisis services.

2. Provide education programs to reduce the incidence and impact of family and individual violence including violence prevention, parenting education, and public awareness.​

Two themes emerged from listening to residents in Southern Kentucky including the importance of affordable and accessible healthcare along with the desire to live in a safe environment:


 #2: People are safe from violence and crime.
#3: People have affordable healthcare.
#8: People are safe from emotional and physical abuse.


“Healthcare is very limited here and emergency care is non-existent.”
“Mental health is one of our biggest challenges.”
“Kids don’t think prescription drugs are a big deal, [if] it comes out of a brown bottle, it’s ok.”
“There are so many hidden dangers. When my kids were kids, [I] didn’t worry about them playing in the backyard or at the park… now you can’t do that.”


  • The BRADD region represents only 6.6% of all residents in Kentucky, yet accounted for 9.5% of all Kentucky drug related arrests in 2013.  – Kentucky Annual Report, Kentucky State Police
  • In Metcalfe County, there is one primary care physician for every 10,073 persons; in Butler County, there is one dentist for the entire population; in Allen County, there is one mental health provider available for every 6,737 persons. – 2014 County Health Rankings and Roadmap


Lack of health coverage poses serious problems for individuals and families experiencing acute or chronic illness as people are more inclined to go without preventative care and to let minor problems develop into serious medical conditions. In addition, the consequences of untreated mental health issues, reliance on Emergency Room treatment as primary care, and the impact of domestic violence and abuse have an overwhelming ripple effect creating issues in Education, Income, and Safety Net.

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