(Southern Kentucky) – In celebration of National 2-1-1 Day on 2-11-2022, United Way of Southern Kentucky is hoping to increase awareness regarding Southern Kentucky’s 2-1-1 services available to all residents across the 10-county BRADD region.

Warren County Judge Executive Michael Buchanon and Bowling Green City Mayor Todd Alcott issued an official proclamation declaring February 11th, 2022 as “2-1-1 Day” in Bowling Green and Warren County. Bowling Green City Commissioners Sue Parrigin and Melinda Hill, read the proclamation on their behalf.

Throughout the last year, 2-1-1 has spent 38,954 minutes helping 7,745 individuals with 8,966 requests. 2-1-1 continues to assist individuals throughout the 10-county region locate available resources in their area by providing 16,097 nonprofit agency referrals.

The Federal Communications Commission assigned 2-1-1 as a three-digit telephone number for the purpose of providing quick and easy access to information about health and human services. Contact specialists work with callers to assess their needs, determine their options and provide information and referral services that can offer assistance and/or intervene in crisis situations. The center is able to take calls and text messages 24/7/365.

“From Hello to Help, 2-1-1 has been assisting callers throughout the COVID-19 Crisis, while also addressing everyday needs, and most recently has been aiding callers throughout the Tornado Crisis and Recovery. In the two weeks following the tornados we saw call and text volume increase more than 78%. Now 2-1-1 is working to aid those impacted by the tornados through long term case management. Never before has 2-1-1 been so vital to our community and we are grateful for all who make this service possible.” Says Ellie Harbaugh, Vice President of United Way of Southern Kentucky.

Today, any Kentucky resident can talk with a compassionate Call Specialist who can provide information and referrals that assist families and impact communities, one phone call at a time. In real time, callers receive service provider information concerning utilities, housing, food, transportation, clothing/ household items, support services for an aging parent, where to find help for addiction, mental health issues, and much more. 2-1-1 is the place to call when you don’t know where to go for help when you need it. Additionally, 2-1-1 also serves as a sociological barometer for service providers, funders, and other stakeholders within the community by identifying community needs.  While personal identifiers of callers are kept confidential, the aggregate data that is able to be collected assists with improvements to the human services delivery system as a whole.

In honor of National 2-1-1 Day on 2-11-2022, the Southern Kentucky 2-1-1 Contact Center asks that individuals across Southern Kentucky help celebrate by spreading the word about the 2-1-1 services available in our area via social media and/or within your organizations, companies and businesses.

For more information about Southern Kentucky 2-1-1, log on to the United Way of Southern Kentucky website at