Fundraising should always be conducted in a voluntary manner; coercion creates animosity, hinders communication and understanding, and eventually leads to decreased support.

To underscore our conviction about this policy, United Way of Worldwide’s Board of Governors adopted the following policy statement:

The Board of Governors of United Way Worldwide believes that the most responsive contributors are those who have the opportunity to become informed and involved. A well-planned campaign with an effective communications program, conducted by committed volunteers, will ensure responsible contributors. While we have always been unalterably opposed to coercion, we do recognize a responsibility to state our beliefs formally, as freedom of choice is a basic tenet of our democratic society.

Giving is a personal matter and decision. No form of coercion is acceptable to United Way.



United Way of Southern Kentucky understands that activities related to the operations and business affairs of United Way of Southern Kentucky are confidential, especially when related to other organizations in the community with whom United Way competes with in fundraising activities. Individual contributor and donor designation gift amounts, payment methods, mailing addresses, etc. are confidential unless the donor grants United Way the authority to release this information. If such confidential information is acquired, it is to be handled in strict confidence and not to be discussed with other persons either inside or outside of the organization, except where specifically required as a part of the requirements of the job.

United Way of Southern Kentucky (1) will not share or sell a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations and (2) will only share or sell personal information once the donor has given the charity specific permission to do so. This is specific to donor information applicable to both online and offline donors. This does not prohibit United Way of Southern Kentucky from contacting the donor for informational, educational, or solicitation purposes.